Alyssa Roberts

Alyssa Roberts
Grand Junction, CO

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Rockies Game Times

Wednesday, July 5 vs. Orem - Game time: 6:40 PM
Thursday, July 6 vs. Orem - Game time: 6:40 PM
Friday, July 7 vs. Orem - Game time: 6:40 PM
Saturday, July 8 vs. Ogden - Game time: 6:40 PM
Sunday, July 9 vs. Ogden - Game time: 5 PM
Monday, July 10 vs. Ogden - Game time: 6:40 PM

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Rimrock Adventures

Whitewater Rafting and Inflatable Kayaking in Colorado and Utah Rivers


Enjoy 1 1/2 hour to three-day adventures down the Dolores, Gunnison and Colorado rivers. Paddle your own inflatable kayak or let your Rimrock Adventures guide row you downriver. Our guides are experienced, knowledgeable, trained in first aid and give 100% effort to ensure an enjoyable trip.

Everyone knows that river runners don’t go hungry! From breakfast and dinner to hors d’oeuvres and dessert, our hearty river meals are one of the many things you will remember long after your vacation has ended.

Give us a call at 970-858-9555 and we’ll be happy to discuss the many options available to ensure just the right trip for you.