Alyssa Roberts

Alyssa Roberts
Grand Junction, CO

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Riding the Real Estate Wave

Despite the media-driven economic panic around the country, Grand Junction's real estate market has managed to keep its head above water! This makes our community an exception to th current real estate rule, both statewide and nationally! While builders and developers are feeling dramatic dips, they're still constructing homes for growing numbers. Realtors experienced a slight downturn, according to our First Quarter Stats, and sellers have been forced to be patient - but compared to the nation, Grand Junction is fortunate, thanks to a stable economy. Advice to buyers...if you are even thinking that a home purchase is in your future, I suggest you kick it into gear... these terrific prices and low interest rates are not going to be around forever. I can recommend a handful of solid lenders for you to chose from! Call me anytime to discuss buying or selling!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Save money - plant a garden

Can we garden our way out of this hole? Just a few years ago, the road to riches was clear. We could all sit on our porches drinking mint juleps while our houses appreciated 30% a year. Now, our houses are falling in value by 30% a year. Forget about them. The real money maker, it turns out, was always our backyard. By planting a vegetable garden, we can slash our food bill while eating healthier.

Grand Junction Real Estate Affordability

Housing affordability is the best it has been in 38 years, and the monthly cost of homeownership has fallen 43% from the peak in this housing cycle, according to research released this week by Real Estate Consulting.
"Once the word gets out that homeownership is less expensive than renting, which is now also true in 54 of the 88 markets where we track this information, we expect buying activity to increase substantially (even in a horrible economy)," the firm said in a newsletter sent out this week. The firm's clients include home builders, developers, lenders, equity investors and product manufacturers.

Grand Junction, Colorado voted one of the best places to live

Read more real-estate news in this week's pages, including the best places to live in 2009. Plus, read why it's looking even more attractive to buy a home today.
It's looking especially attractive if you're a first-time buyer or investor -- they're driving the market today, due to increased home affordability.
Rates on long-term mortgages are lower than short-term home loans, according to Freddie Mac's latest weekly survey of conforming rates, released on Thursday.