Alyssa Roberts

Alyssa Roberts
Grand Junction, CO

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vacation Club - Because Everyone Needs A Little R & R

Jeff & I have watched and critiqued our close friends as members of this Vacation Club for months and they have blown us away, opening monthly paychecks for THOUSANDS of dollars, and leaving for dream trips for $49 to MEXICO, ALASKA, ETC.
So we got tired of watching, and joined in the fun! For $360, ONE TIME FEE, you get your own website (you name it), where people book travel.  You make money every time someone books travel.   Your travelers are getting prices matching or beating Travelocity, hotwire, expedia, etc.
Then. you get offered (weekly specials) to take your own trips, whenever you can, with whomever you want to take, for as low as $49!!!
All you have to do is invite 4 (yes just 4) people to buy a website, and you are a LIFETIME, BENEFITING, MONEY-MAKING MEMBER FOR FREE!!!!!!!

42 Mesa State College students signed up last week while Gerald Willheit was here giving the presentation!!!! Of course - students need money and want to travel for cheap too!

IT IS REAL....I PROMISE! One-hour presentations are held every Thursday night in Grand Junction at 7 pm at Mohawk Floorz Direct Warehouse (29 Rd & 1-70 Business Loop).   If you can't make one of those times, or don't live in Grand Junction,  go to  to watch video 1 2 & 3.   You can sign up right there or call us - Jeff 970-314-0117  or  Alyssa  970-261-8009

And last but not least - if you are not interested, then I ask you - if you are going to book travel, please compare prices to our site and book your travel with us!!!

"Roberts recreation - because everyone needs a little R & R" !!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pairing Wine With Food

Food Wine

Asian foods, Ham, Riesling - sweet, acidic white wine with fruity flavors of peach and melon

Chicken and Cheese Gewurztraminer - soft, white wine with flavors of muscat grapes and dried roses

Shellfish, Creamy soups, Chardonnay - clean, crisp white wine with flavors of apply, pear, spice and sometimes a hint of oak

Fish and Vegetable dishes Sauvignon Blanc - refreshing, acidic white wine with flavors of citrus fruits such as grapefruit,

as well as vegetable flavors like asparagus

Turkey, Roast Beef and Sausage Pinot Noir - smooth red wine, ranges from light to full bodied, with hints of black cherry and spices

Zinfandel - smooth red wine with flavors of berries and black pepper

Duck, Goose, Roast Chicken Cabernet Sauvignon - acidic red wine with dark fruits like plum with savory spices

Roast Beef and Roast Lamb Merlot - bold but soft red wine with flavors of cherry and herbs

Game Birds, Duck, Goose and Syrah - full bodied red wine with flavors of black pepper, plum and berries

Italian dishes (pizza, pasta)

Caviar, Smoked Salmon, Sparkling wines (Brut, Spumante, Champagne, etc.) - acidic wine with flavors of applies,

Egg dishes, Sushi, Soups and vanilla and toast; some sparkling wines are sweeter than others

Cold cuts/sandwiches

Dessert Sweet wines including ice wines like, Gewurztraminer and Riesling

Port - typically richer, sweeter, fortified wine with a higher alcohol content than most other wines

Port can be served as a dessert or pairs well with cheese as an aperitif.